Zayn accused of racism for a controversial video

eb233c85c20de08e260bf426fd075d6bSinger Zayn Malik, whose father is British-Pakistani, has defended girlfriend Gigi Hadid after she was accused of racism for a controversial video.

The former One Direction star said the model “likes Asians” and that to be a racist goes against his “very existence”.

The Victoria’s Secret model was seen in her sister Bella’s ‘story’ on the photo and video sharing website Instagram during a meal out as she held up what looked to be a Buddha cookie and squinted her eyes to impersonate the face.

Fans weren’t pleased after the clip was shared online.

Zayn insisted that Hadid “likes Asians”, reports

One fan tweeted to the singer, saying: “Being of Asian descent, how do you feel about your girlfriend making fun of Asian people?”

“Trust me… she likes Asians,” the singer wrote back.

And he added: “People’s nerve to call me ignorant, when any chance they get I’m a terrorist! To be a racist goes against my very existence. So, please don’t try to educate me.”

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