To Appear On Kardashian Christmas Card Rob Kardashian Demanding $250K

The card in 1995
The card in 1995
The 2007 Kardashian card
The 2007 Kardashian card

The annual Kardashian Khristmas greetings card is as much of a tradition as our aunty Linda’s annual Christmas newsletter, with the family getting together for what ends up being an infamous picture.
With the exception of last year of course, when Kim Kardashian admitted they’d run out of time to sort a card out. This year they’re faced with more drama than you can shake a bauble at, with Khloe Kardashian looking after Lamar Odom and Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy (she’s due around Christmas) potentially being obstacles to a 2015 card being created.
Now, there’s reports that Rob Kardashian is demanding no less than $250K to appear on the family’s annual card.
An insider told RadarOnline: “He’s confident that by Christmas he’ll be in a good enough condition to be front and centre of the group shots, but he’s refusing to commit to the shoot until the very last minute.

2013′s Card
2013′s Card

“Kris has torn into him for being so flakey and unreliable.” The source adds that the situation is causing ‘havoc’, with everyone’s schedules making it a true nightmare before Christmas.
Then there’s the matter of Rob’s alleged demand for money, with the insider claiming: “Rob is demanding a staggering $250K to participate in the photo-shoot, claiming he’s the most marketable member of the family right now since he’s been out of the public eye for a long time now while he loses weight and cleans up his act.
“He’s developed a major ego, which, combined with his sisters’ diva tantrums, has made this whole saga a total nightmare.”

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