Supermodel Cindy Crawford: Amal Clooney is incredibly fashionable

27A5378200000578-0-image-m-45_1429225845749 cindy-crawford-photoshoot-2015-03Supermodel Cindy Crawford thinks her friend and human rights lawyer Amal Clooney is “incredibly fashionable” and doesn’t need any style tips from her.

“Amal is an incredibly fashionable person so she doesn’t need my advice…I guess we talk about fashion in a way, but it’s not like we pore over magazines together,” quoted Crawford as saying.

“It’s more like, she’ll ask me, ‘Who is your favourite photographer.’ She’s interested in my life, just like I’m interested in her life,” she added.

Crawford also said that Amal is very “interesting to talk to”.

“I think one of the things I love about Amal is that she’s not only interesting – she’s very interesting to talk to – but she’s also interested in your world as well. She can talk to my kids about their thing, or she’ll talk to me about my book or my business,” she added.

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