‘Spectre’ star Lea Seydoux struggled at school through her education

12112035_1081896578507888_7156787633063516444_n lea-seydoux-1“Spectre” star Léa Seydoux says she did badly in exams at school and struggled her way through her education.

Seydoux always found her studies tough going and at one point her grades were so poor her teacher contacted her mother, philanthropist Valérie Schlumberger, to discuss her performance, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

She now believes she may have had dyslexia but it wasn’t spotted.

In an interview with NET-A-PORTER’s weekly digital fashion magazine The EDIT, she said: “(The school) called my mother and were like, ‘Your daughter has a serious problem.’ (My score) was very low! Very!”

Explaining how her experience of education affected her, she added: “I did feel rejected, but I was already so excited about the world. I just wasn’t suited to school. I was already watching people.

“ I realised that the world is hostile. I (thought), ‘OK, how am I going to survive in this world?’ I was like an animal. Some people are not born strong and they invent themselves, and so they become strong individuals by their own will. I think I’m part of that. I made myself strong.”

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