Sienna Miller ready to shave her head for film

254178_108727965885745_1484377_nActress Sienna Miller loves sporting different hairstyles in her films, and she says she wouldn’t hesitate even if she had to shave off her glossy hair for a role.

“I’d do anything,” Miller said.

Asked if she would shave her head, she told “Yep, I really would! That’s kind of the fun of it, I’m not attached to my hair which is why I’ve had 8,000 different hairstyles.”

Her latest release “Burnt” sees her playing a feisty sous chef with a shaved undercut and fashionable fringe. She says it was important to change her hair for the role because she likes to look distinct in every film, reports

“I think it’s really important at this point to look really different in everything that I do. I look at ‘Foxcatcher’ to ‘American Sniper’ to this and it’s not the same persona. I think if you’re focused on longevity, which I really am, and battling quite a strong fashion perception, then in my work that’s really a place to explore as much versatility as possible physically,” she said.

“Plus I always wanted to have one of those fashion fringes – I just don’t think that I made it wide enough this time so I looked slightly ‘The Secrets of Minh’ in it!,” she added.

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