Robert Pattinson: Fame was demanding pyschologically

Robert Pattinson: Fame was demanding pyschologically Robert Pattinson: Fame was demanding pyschologicallyActor Robert Pattinson, who found fame early in his career with the “Twilight” franchise, says if you get famous as quickly as he did, it’s important to take good care of one’s mental health.

The “Maps to the Stars” actor shared that his personal growth stopped very soon in life, all credits to the attainment of fame at a very young age.

“It was amazing, but a little demanding psychologically. It only becomes clear much later though. My advice would probably be: take good care of your mental health. If you get famous as quickly as I did, your personal growth stops suddenly,” German magazine Teleschau quoted Pattinson as saying, reports

The 29-year-old also shared that he was in shock with all the limelight and fame back then when he was 22, but now he has regained control.

“I stopped growing at 22 back then and I was in shock for four years. It’s different now. My personal and professional development path is slowly emerging. That makes me happy,” he added.

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