Priyanka Chopra: I want to be an achiever


Priyanka Chopra, who is scaling new heights internationally, says she doesn’t want to limit herself and aspires to be an achiever, adding that “there is no luxury of quitting to be an achiever”.

The actress, who got into the limelight on a global platform with her American TV show “Quantico” and will soon get into the Hollywood arena with “Baywatch”, says it is important to find out one’s weakness and focus on just the strengths.

“For me, more than being an actor or a musician or any of the multiple things that have been given, I want to be an achiever and I don’t want to be limited to just one thing,” Priyanka said.

She added: “You have to figure out what your weakness and your strengths are. Once you identify your weakness and your strength, you put the weakness in a box, shut it and put it away and you focus on the strength and you become the best version of whatever you are within that time and you never sit and say ‘Oh no I messed up and I can’t do it’.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 29, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra poses during the 88th Academy Awards at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, the United States, on Feb. 28, 2016. (Xinhua/Yang Lei/IANS)

“There is no luxury of quitting to be an achiever. You can’t quit, you just keep going. You should never want to be me, you should always want to be you.”

The actress shared her success fundas during an interview to Flare Magazine, a Canadian fashion magazine.

After making waves in the Indian entertainment industry, Bollywood’s ‘desi’ girl made an action-packed debut in the international fiction TV space as Alex Parrish, an FBI recruit who becomes a suspect of terrorist bombing of New York’s Grand Central Station.

The actress is now busy shooting season two of “Quantico”, which will return in September. The first season of the show will be back in India from the mid-season break on Star World and Star World HD next month.

The “Dostana” actress credits her Indian genes for her metabolism.

She said: “I thank my mom and my dad and my Indian genes for the fact that I don’t necessarily need to train very much. I’m very active, I’m very agile by nature and I’ve done action movies, I’m very familiar with it but when it comes to training I’ve only trained in parts.

“Like I trained for a boxing movie (‘Mary Kom’) that I did recently but not really otherwise. Otherwise I don’t really like gyms. I’m a tough girl but I haven’t needed to exercise.”

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