One Direction star Harry Styles taking singing classes for solo career

11350838_862999850488140_2056545192607498615_n 1947530_562269417227853_894526004_nOne Direction star Harry Styles has reportedly teamed up with a vocal coach for his solo career as he wants to develop his vocal skills.

“People may find it funny Harry needs singing lessons ahead of a solo career, but it’s pretty standard practice. He’s performed well live and can obviously sing but he’s smart enough to realise he needs to learn more about how best to develop his vocal skills,” quoted a source as saying.

“He’s grounded and professional enough to know he needs to work hard to achieve the success he wants as a solo artist,’ the source added.

Styles’s Hollywood coach Ron Anderson has worked with big names such as Adele, Leona Lewis, Alicia Keys and Kylie Minogue.

The source said: “Harry’s super-excited about the next chapter in his life. Ron’s the best of the best and Harry’s planning to make enough time in his schedule for regular coaching.

“It may mean sometimes he’ll see him in Los Angeles or sometimes Ron will have to fly to London but it’s a priority for him now that One Direction are taking a break.”

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