Mona Singh: Iqbal Khan is a very dedicated and hardworking person

ntc2Actress Mona Singh, who is returning to the fiction genre on the small screen after a gap of two years with “Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do”, says she hates watching soap operas where “women are constantly backstabbing and fighting” with each other.

“I like to watch shows in which the family is together. I don’t like family dramas where everyone is plotting against each other. The women are constantly backstabbing and fighting,” Mona, best known for her roles in shows like “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin” and “Kya Huaa Tera Vaada”, said in a statement.

“This doesn’t happen in our personal life. No one is bitching about each other in our families and hence, I don’t like watching shows which revolve around such concepts,” she added.

“Pyar Ko Ho Jaane Do”, which will be aired on Sony Entertainment Television starting Tuesday, also stars Iqbal Khan, Micky Makhija, Parag Tyagi, Pushtiie Shakti and Amrita Mukherjee.


Mona says the show is “not a typical family drama”.

“The storyline revolves around finding love after marriage. It is a unique concept and hence, it took me no time to say ‘yes’ when it was offered to me,” she said.

Talking about her role in the show, Mona said: “I play the role of Preet Hooda who is married to Ishan Hooda (Iqbal). She is an urban woman who, by choice, is a homemaker.

“Preet is very understanding by nature and binds the family together in any crisis. She is the lifeline of the entire Hooda family, especially father-in-law who trusts her blindly. A funny, happy and lively person, Preet loves talking and cannot hide any secrets.”

How was it working with Iqbal?

“Iqbal is a very dedicated and hardworking person. On the first day, I thought he is a very serious guy, but actually he is quite funny. We have become good friends and we enjoy working together,” said Mona.

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