Kylie Jenner shocks fans with more swollen lips

Kylie Jenner shocks fans with more swollen lips Kylie Jenner shocks fans with more swollen lipsReality TV star Kylie Jenner, who earlier admitted of having temporary lip fillers to plump up her lips, has apparently gone too far as they look more swollen than before in new videos.

The 17-year-old hilariously attempted to show how wide her mouth could be in a bunch of videos she posted on Instagram. Kylie pouted her lips then opened her mouth as wide as possible. In another video, she put her fingers to her pouted lips. Her lips look significantly bigger than usual, reports

The videos provoked fans who didn’t take much time to reply over the posts.

One of her fans, @trendy.xox called her to stop having lip fillers. She commented on one of the videos: “Dang she need to stop with them lip injections , it’s not cute and when does she ever listen to R&B music?”

Another fan @lindaloveee_ also commented on her lips saying: “Seriously she must be really insecure that she thinks to be pretty is to have her lips be soo hugeeeee.” Similarly user @sammiyorkUh wrote, “her lips look like they are going to pop.”

Kylie admitted to having lip filler in an episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” in May.

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