Kylie Jenner gives celebrity tattoo artist Keith McCurdy a new piece of body art before getting her derriere inked

12096131_935010769912839_8062882214195885818_nAnd Kylie Jenner added tattoo artist to her list of talents after she was shown inking the man who gave her a new piece of body art in New York on Monday.
She was shown getting stuck in with a needle and ink as Bang Bang New York’s resident inker Keith McCurdy lay prostrate on a table in a thrilling new Snapchat video.

The 18-year-old etched the letter K and a crown onto his ankle, no doubt referencing her self-appointed title of King Kylie.
And it was not long before it was her turn to get inked by the man who counts such luminaries as Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne as clients.
She was soon shown grimacing as he sneaked round behind her and went to work on her lower back with his needle.
Afterwards he seemed delighted with his work, posting a picture on Instagram of himself and Kylie, which he captioned: ‘My newest victim @kyliejenner.’


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