Kylie Jenner Feeling Neglected By Rapper Tyga

kylie-jenner-tyga-seen-amid-relationship-trouble-rumors-ftr kylie-tyga-look-miserable-getting-frozen-yogurt-ftrKylie Jenner isn’t happy with the amount of time that Tyga spends on his phone, and she drove that point home again with a touchy Instagram meme. She’s not worried about what Tyga’s doing because she’s got a secret spy on her side!
Kylie Jenner, 18, posted a meme about her and Tyga‘s relationship to her Instagram account that she clearly thought was hilarious. But Tyga might not feel the same way! They’ve sparred in the past about his shady phone habits, and now she’s making sure he gets that she won’t put up with it anymore! Is she feeling neglected again? Click through to see her crazy post!

Bottom line: don’t mess with King Kylie! The reality starlet posted a meme (not her own creation) that read “He’s on his phone but you’re relaxed, because you’ve trained your dog to read.” The photo shows Kylie looking on as Tyga is engrossed in whatever’s going on with his phone. A little dog is sitting between them, staring at the screen, too!


Kylie and Tyga have a storied history of fighting about cell phone use, from both parties. Tyga’s been annoyed that his much-younger girlfriend spends a ton of time texting and Snapchatting while they’re supposed to be having some one-on-one time, but his alleged transgressions are far worse. He’s spent some time talking to his ex, Blac Chyna, sharing intimate details about his relationship with Kylie. This includes the problems they’ve had — not something you want to share with someone who does everything in her power to drag your girlfriend down.

Coupled with the rumors that Tyga cheated on her with a different woman, it’s not hard to see why Kylie has a hard time trusting her guy. If she could train their new bulldog to read his texts, she probably would! Posting the meme was all in good fun, though. At mom Kris Jenner‘s 60th birthday bash, the couple looked pretty happy together, dressed to the nines and kissing sweetly for the cameras.

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