Kristin Chenoweth thinks adoption is a ‘full-circle blessing’

Kristin-Chenoweth-Pushing-Daisies-PromosActress-singer Kristin Chenoweth thinks adoption is a “full-circle blessing”.

The “Boy Next Door” star, who was adopted when she was less than a week old, says she’s glad her birth mother gave her a “better life”, reports

Writing about adoption for social media service WhoSay, Chenoweth shared: “I’ve always known that I was adopted. It was never a secret or held from me. I knew that my birth mother loved me so much that she wanted to give me a better life.

“And my parents, Jerry and Junie Chenoweth, were looking to adopt a baby and found me – literally less than one week after I was born.

She added: “Growing up, my parents explained my adoption by telling me, ‘We chose you.’ It was a wonderful way to put it to an adopted child. And I think it’s true. An adoption is a full-circle blessing.”

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