Kangana Ranaut at Paris Fashion Week in Dior

267A731A00000578-2986921-Kangana_Ranaut_right_cuts_a_classy_figure_at_the_Dior_fashion_sh-a-59_1425937674853 CQUp10gVEAAf0O4 news_1443847293_a64d531ec433377fe64f0d_1Kangana Ranaut looking absolutely wonderful in that lovely Dior Haute Couture, the fashion-bee of tinselville rounded the look with those lovely pumps and that elegant handbag. Plus those lovely shades! She was a front-row attendee at Dior Defile along with Rihanna, Elizabeth Olsen, Emilie Clarke, amongst a host of popular names at Louvre, Paris.
Kangana not only left for Paris in ultimate style but even graced the event exuding royal vibes. We really love the way this fashionista is making a mark worldwide and nailing her fashionable appearances.


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