Jennifer Aniston & husband Justin Theroux fighting over video games

las-fotos-de-jennifer-aniston-embarazada-detalle-600x880 Jennifer-Aniston-embarazada-de-gemelas-600x398Actress Jennifer Aniston and husband Justin Theroux often end up fighting over the the latter’s love for video games.

The “Leftovers” actor, who married the 46-year-old actress in August, shared that Aniston gets “upset” when he spends hours playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops 3” at their Bel Air home in California, reports

“Wifey does not play. She is like, ‘Where are you?’ She still doesn’t see it as a social app. Like, I am hanging out with my friends – technically – and she’s like, ‘No. You are sitting there watching a TV playing a game.’ She’s not understanding,” E! News quoted the 44-year-old as saying.

But Theroux isn’t surprised that Aniston doesn’t share his love of gaming.

“Well, it looks weird when you walk in and they’re just sitting there screaming into a headset and they’re killing each other. I’m going to war, and she’s not understanding. Then I come back from war and she’s upset,” he said.

But he insists his hobby doesn’t really cause any problems between them as “she knows that I love it, so she’s very tolerant,” he added.

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