Japanese scientists discover HIV inhibiting protein

aids-image650_650x488_51436901398Japanese scientists have discovered a protein, found in humans, that has inhibitory effects on the human immuno-deficiency virus (HIV), the media reported on Wednesday.

It was found that virus in the cells with the protein known as MARCH8 did not affect the healthy cells in an individual, according to the report.

Kenzo Tokunaga, who participated in the research, said he hopes for development of a drug that helps produce MARCH8 in the body, so that it can be used for HIV treatment, Efe news agency reported.

The research was based on cultivating HIV viruses using cells with MARCH8 and cells without it, after which it was concluded that most of the infected cells having MARCH8 did not infect other healthy cells.

This medical find could benefit the 36.9 million HIV patients, 15.8 million of whom receive anti-retroviral treatment, according to UN AIDS data.

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