Imran Khan: Marriage means equal partnership


Actor Imran Khan believes that to make marriage work, couples need to share responsibilities.

“In India, it is taken that washing clothes, and things like this is a woman’s job, and not what men do, which is an unhealthy attitude… a thought process which is not conducive for a healthy relationship.

“Both need to take on equal responsibilities to make their relationship work,” the “Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola” star, who is currently promoting detergent brand Ariel’s ‘Share the Load’ movement, told IANS.

The 32-year-old, also a father to daughter Imara Malik Khan, believes that “once you become a parent, so many of our priorities get re-aligned in life”.

“You start to realise that there are so many things that you used to earlier care about are completely unimportant now. Everything becomes about your relationship, your child, about your responsibilities towards your family,” said the actor, who tied the knot with Avantika Malik in 2011.

Any tips for first time fathers?

“Whenever you change a diaper, make sure everybody sees you doing it and show what a father you are,” he said.

Talking about Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on second Sunday in May, Imran said: “If you love your mother, tell her every day. I don’t believe in specific days that are followed these days.”

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