Hollywood Worst Movie Poster Fails Of 2015

tumblr_inline_nz1lssJrwT1tvm1vp_1280Cinderella: It was much noted on its release how Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella (played by ‘Downton’s Lily James) seemed impossibly thin around the waist. This poster accentuates it, but oddly, gives her a massive foot too.


Jurassic World: Let’s get some perspective on this, guys. No, literally, let’s get some perspective. That floor Bryce Dallas Howard is standing on is all wrong, if you look at how the Indominus Rex is looking in through the window.


Accidental Love: As we know from ‘Nightcrawler’, there’s something about Jake Gyllenhaal’s piercing, soul-searching eyes. But this looks like someone’s turned him into a Manga character for the Japanese poster for ‘Accidental Love’. Freaky.


Daddy’s Home: Where’s your leg going, Marky Mark? The promo for forthcoming comedy ‘Daddy’s Home’ sees Walhberg weirdly floating as he props up his hog, while his other limb is heading off the edge of the poster and into oblivion. Probably.


Solace: What’s the deal with the big, weird head, Colin Farrell? No, really, though, why is there so much of the top of his head, and with all that hair too? It’s freaking us out. Make it stop.


Southpaw: The only thing heading south in this poster is Jake Gyllenhaal’s right pectoral. All that work in the gym undone in a single poster that misplaces his nipple in a most egregious fashion.


Survivor: Believe it or not, this is supposed to be former James Bond himself Pierce Brosnan. It looks more like his less handsome brother posing for a selfie. Even Milla Jovovich looks a bit baffled.


The Wedding Ringer: The state of her husband-to-be’s suit should be the least of Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting’s problems. What about her weird, bendy leg, which is not only weird and bendy, but also pointing in the wrong direction.

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