Hema Malini: It is very difficult to sustain the interest in classical dance

actress-hema-malini-hot-in-saree-4b794d8229db8f33a386b3cbba9eeeee-fullsize-30165Actress-politician Hema Malini, who is also a Bharatnatyam dancer, said that today’s youngsters are more interested in Bollywood style dancing.

“Time has changed a lot. In these days when everything is moving so fast, our culture, art is getting affected,” Hema said at the annual dance event Jaya Smriti held here on Sunday in memory of her late mother, Jaya Chakravarthy.

“Even our youngsters think alike, they want to keep pace with the changing world. They want quick output. Western culture has been influenced by our Bollywood dance and music,” she added.

The “Dream Girl” star rued that “only a few are interested in pursuing classical dance forms. The rest are into Bollywood.”


“It is very difficult to sustain the interest in classical dance. That is why it is necessary to preserve these classical dance forms which are ours. I want them to watch more classical dance forms,” she said.

Jaya Smriti, the brainchild of the “Sholay” actress, is an event held in memory of her late mother Jaya who dedicated her life to promoting young talent and patronising art and culture.

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