Gigi Hadid: I just want to be a healthy role model

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Model Gigi Hadid said that she was told she was too heavy to be a successful model when she started her career in fashion.

“A lot of them were like, ‘You have to lose a lot of weight. I would cry at night and my mom would be like, ‘We’re going to find the right people,'” Hadid said.

The model was eventually landed a chance to be the face of fashion label Tom Ford’s campaign because officials found it “cool” to have a girl with a curvy figure front it, reports

“People were like, ‘Oh so we can have a girl with like thighs and a bu** in a Tom Ford campaign, cool.'”

She has always insisted on being a “healthy role model” and continues to live up to that expectation.

“I just want to be a healthy role model and I haven’t swayed from that at all,” she said.

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