Drew Barrymore supports her mother Jaid Barrymore financially



NEW YORK - JUNE 8: "ET" star Drew Barrymore poses for a photograph June 8, 1982 with her mother Jaid Barrymore in New York City. (Photo by Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images)
“ET” star Drew Barrymore poses for a photograph June 8, 1982 with her mother Jaid Barrymore in New York City

Actress Drew Barrymore, who was separated from her mother when she was all of 14, now financially supports her.

Drew, 40, says she wouldn’t be able to “function” if she knew her parent was “in need”. So, she ensures she is taken care of, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Writing in her new memoir “Wildflower”, Drew revealed: “I still support her — I must know that she is taken care of or I simply cannot function.

“I’m grateful to this woman for bringing me into this world, and it would crush me to know she was in need anywhere.”


Though she has little contact with her mother and remained estranged from her father, actor John Barrymore, for most of her life, Drew, who has children — Olive, three, and Frankie, 18 months — with husband Will Kopelman, is still grateful to her parents and thankful for how they shaped her into the person she is today.

Drew, who battled cocaine and alcohol abuse when she was 14, added: “It is not who I am to harbour any anger for the fact that our life together was so incredibly unorthodox.

“I want only to say thank you to her, because I love my life and it takes every step to get to where you are, and if you are happy, then God bless the hard times it took you to get there.”

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