12080192_10156189908560061_8217787370071037041_oAs the clock strikes 8, the housemates are woken up to ‘Bachke Tu Rehna’ indicating that the days ahead are going to be tough from hereon. The housemates are seen discussing about delegation of work when the topic of Digangana and Roopal being inactive crops up. Digangana and Roopal take this comment to heart and go on a cleaning spree. The two are seen scrubbing each and every corner of the washroom and discussing how they are feeling left out while others are having a good time. Adding fuel to the fire, Ankit ends up taunting Roopal indirectly while speaking to Digangana. Roopal choses to avoid Ankit’s comments and continues with her job.
Later, Bigg Boss announces the very first budget task of the season that revolves around phobias where one pair elected by Bigg Boss has to challenge another pair to perform the task. The first jodi to take the hit are Roopal and Digangana. Challenged by Prince and Rochelle, Roopal and Digangana face Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons). The next couple to be challenged by Keith and Mandana are Ankit and Arvind who brave Globophobia (fear of balloons). The third phobia is Obesophobia (fear of becoming fat) and soldiers Yuvika and Vikas marched into the den after being challenged by Aman and Kishwer. Refusing to conquer Peladophobia (fear of becoming bald), Suyyash comes out of the activity room disheartened after Rimi refuses to take up the task. When Bigg Boss gives the rest of the housemates an opportunity of performing the task, there is nobody willing to jump in and save the day!
Meanwhile, the four lovebirds of the house are revealing their love story to the inmates of the house. Suyyash and Kishwer announce that they have plans of getting hitched after their Bigg Boss stint. Comparatively new in the field of love, Rochelle and Keith also are seen recounting their love saga.
Later in the day, Vikas and Yuvika are seen discussing about the household chores and how everyone is pin pointing Yuvika for her less participation. Vikas gets protective and tells Yuvika that he is on the brink of losing his cool and would not think twice before giving it back to the housemates. Keith and Mandana also join in the conversation but Vikas refuses to divulge any details.
Rochelle is seen giving Keith a pedicure while Keith gives Mandana a relaxing massage on her back. Rochelle tells Keith that how he would not have gotten pampered had she not been in the house. Further, Mandana also receives a back massage from Prince and she announces how she loves “this Double Trouble”. Seen spending quality time near the pool together, Mandana and Keith are in a philosophical mood while the rest of the housemates are indoors. As the day comes to an end and lights go off, Arvind and Ankit decide to put an end to the snores fiasco and sleep on the living room couches hoping that everyone will now get a peaceful sleep.

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