Clooney concerned about America’s future

george_clooney_the_ides_of_march_1600_900 George Clooney says he finds the current political landscape in the US “frustrating” and feels the need to “get away from the divisiveness that we’re stuck in right now”.

The Oscar winner, an outspoken Hillary Clinton supporter, recently sat down for a candid conversation for “Fox News Sunday”. In the interview, Clooney spoke about what has surprised him most about the 2016 presidential election campaign and more, reports

“I think it’s frustrating,” the 55-year-old says of politics today.

“You know, I grew up as a Democrat in Kentucky in the 1970s, so, you know, I grew up in a place — I was a minority, you know, in that world. I didn’t move to Hollywood and become a Democrat.”

He then compared past and present, and explained: “It wasn’t as contentious and there wasn’t the idea that once one party got power that nothing was going to happen from the other side, that they were going to just stop things cold. I worry about that. I think that’s dangerous.”

As for what he thinks Americans can do to mend the nation’s problems, Clooney said: “I feel as if we need to get away from the divisiveness that we’re stuck in right now and the fear that we’re playing off of.”

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