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New system can manipulate emotions to soothe her mood


If you don’t know how to make things work in your relationship, try this novel digital audio platform that can manipulate your emotions to makes them sound more happier and settle the mood disorder for once and all. Researchers from Lund University in Sweden and the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) have created a digital audio platform that ...

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‘Green’ coffee for super health benefits


You love green tea for its health benefits but what about having a cup of “green coffee”? Well, US scientists have come up with a new invention – parbaked coffee bean where coffee beans are baked at less temperature for super health benefits. According to biophysicist Dan Perlman from Massachusetts-based Brandeis University, this method of roasting green coffee beans enhances ...

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Simple diagnostic tests can save many lives


Investing resources in some of the simplest diagnostic tests could save thousands of lives and end disease epidemics in the developing world, say scientists from the Imperial College London. One of the studies found that wider use of a device called pulse oximeter to measure oxygen in the blood could prevent 148,000 pneumonia deaths in the under-fives in countries where ...

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30 key genes for longer, healthier life identified


After combing through 40,000 potential genes in three animal species, researchers have zeroed in on 30 genes which, if tweaked a bit, can get you eternal youth – without having to search for and drink that elusive elixir of life. One of these genes proved to be particularly influential – the bcat-1 gene. “When we blocked the effect of this ...

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Healthy snacks secretly making us fat


Items we consider healthy such as cereal bars, bran-flakes and low fat biscuits are full of sugar which, while they may provide temporary energy boost, will end up making us fat. When preparing snacks, choose low-energy releasing foods and avoid sipping on smoothies or fruit juices, nutritionist Sarah Schenker was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail. “So many people ...

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Project to quickly bring cancer cures to clinical trials


Potentially life-saving therapies for cancer will be accelerated into clinical trials more quickly due to a pioneering project launched by scientists and clinicians at the University of Sheffield. The Translational Oncology Initiative, one of the first projects of its kind in Britain, will create a pipeline between world’s leading researchers across the university and the clinical trials unit at Sheffield’s ...

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Report: Major fall in diabetes-related amputations in 25 years


There has been a significant reduction in diabetes-related amputations since the mid-1990s thanks to improvements in diabetes care over this period, researchers report. Amputations of the lower limbs are one of the most serious and disabling complications of diabetes. It becomes necessary when the nerve and blood vessel damage caused by the condition affects the blood supply to the lower ...

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Indian pop and playback singer Alisha Chinai performs ahead of Modi’s Wembley speech in Britain


Indian pop and Hindi playback singer Alisha Chinai performed at the iconic Wembley Stadium here on Friday as 60,000 cheering people waited for the address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the Indian diaspora in Britain. Ostensibly in keeping with Modi’s “Make in India” initiative, Alisha belted out her evergreen single “Made in India” from the album by the same ...

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