US smoking hits record low


The number of Americans who smoke has dropped to a record low, but 40 per cent of cancer cases in the country are still linked to tobacco use, a US government report has found. A report released this week by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that each year between 2009 and 2013, about 660,000 people ...

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World’s first dengue vaccine now approved

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Sanofi-Pasteur — a unit of French pharmaceutical company Sanofi — that manufactures the only approved vaccine for dengue said on Tuesday that the vaccines has received approval in 14 countries. Recent approvals for Dengvaxia granted by health authorities are those from Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Mexico, the Philippines, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Guatemala, Peru, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore ...

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Healthy lifestyle reduces end-of-life disability


Leading a healthy lifestyle can shorten the time that is spent disabled near the end of one’s life by nearly two years, says a study. Older adults with the healthiest lifestyles could expect to spend about 1.7 fewer years disabled at the end of their lives, compared to their unhealthiest counterparts, the findings showed. “The duration of the disabled period ...

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Humans need more rest for better well-being


What will you do to find yourself at complete rest: Reading, being with nature, being on your own, listening to music or doing nothing in particular? Better choose one fast for your own well-being as you grow old. According to the world’s largest survey of more than 18,000 people from 134 different countries on this topic, over two thirds (68 ...

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Smiling spouse your ticket to healthier, longer life


Having a happy, smiling partner can keep you healthy and fit as you enter middle age and move towards the golden years, say researchers, adding that simply having a happy partner may enhance health as much as striving to be happy oneself. “This finding significantly broadens assumptions about the relationship between happiness and health, suggesting a unique social link,” said ...

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Eat apple, lettuce, mint to get rid of garlic breath


Although garlic is good for health, many people tend to stay away from it due to the stingy bad breath it produces. Now a new study has revealed that consuming raw apple, mint or lettuce right after garlic may help reduce the pungent smell. Garlic breath is caused by the volatiles — including diallyl disulfide, allyl mercaptan, allyl methyl disulfide, ...

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Depression is linked to diabetes


Depression in early pregnancy more than doubles the risk of gestational diabetes, which, in turn, increases risk of postpartum depression six weeks after giving birth, says a study. Gestational diabetes is a form of diabetes occurring only in pregnancy and, if untreated, may cause serious health problems for mother and infant. “Our data suggest that depression and gestational diabetes may ...

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Genes influence how you feel about your weight


Do you feel overweight even if you are actually not? If yes, you may have your genes inherited from parents to blame, suggests new research. Genes contribute to self-perceived weight status among young adults, especially among women, the findings showed. “This study is the first to show that genes may influence how people feel about their weight,” said lead study ...

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