Fibre-rich diet for better sleep

Fibre-rich foods. All these foods are high in insoluble fibre, the portion of plant foods that cannot be digested by the body. Insoluble fibre absorbs water, thereby helping the passage of other foods and waste products through the gut.

If you are suffering from sleep problems, a little change in diet can make a big difference. Researchers have found that a diet rich in fibre but low in saturated fat and sugar can help you get a good night’s sleep. Eating less fibre, more saturated fat and more sugar is associated with lighter, less restorative, and more disrupted sleep, ...

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Foodie Trail-Dubai: Does chicken tikka have a nationality?


Food has the power to bring enemies together and this time it’s the lip-smacking appetizer, the chicken tikka, that has managed to bind neighbouring Asian countries India and Pakistan here together. Mohit Bhargava from India and Shamoun Bhatti from Pakistan, chefs at Dubai’s seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, say they “work like brothers” and love to serve the best of ...

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Foodie-Trail-Delhi: Bite into Mediterranean life with an Indian twist


Tucked away in the heart of Delhi’s bustling Connaught Place is Zizo, a restaurant plating bite-sized Lebanon, just the way a local cafe in Beirut would. Here is where food lovers can get a taste of the simple yet hearty Mediterranean life, with an interesting Indian twist. The grandeur of a Levant country mirrors in this 92-cover restaurant, right from ...

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Foodie Trail – Delhi: ‘Bite the bullet’ at Mafia while ‘Sam sings in the night’

food1 copy-001

If you’re a fan of “The Godfather”, Mafia is one place you must explore! And not just for its dark interiors and walls strewn with quotes from the epic Marlon Brando-starrer American crime thriller but also for its interesting food offerings that are interestingly named ‘Bite the bullet’, ‘Sam sings in the night’ and the like. You’re intrigued from the ...

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Food Book Review: Chef Sunil Soni’s ‘Jashn-e-Oudh’ – Romancing the haute cuisine of Awadh


Title: Jashn-e-Oudh; Author: Chef Sunil Soni, Publisher: Shubhi Publications; Pages: 165; Price: Rs.995 After tickling the taste buds of Indian food aficionados in Seychelles, Boston and Kuwait, among other cities, executive chef Sunil Soni has taken another step in his culinary journey, this time with a book that promises to romance the finesse of Awadhi food. Like the display of ...

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WHO: 10 percent people worldwide suffer from food-borne diseases

young woman showing a sandwich

One out of every 10 people worldwide suffer from food-borne diseases annually, and children and the poor suffer the most, the findings of a World Health Organisation task force show. “The groups most adversely affected by the foodborne diseases are children and people in low-income regions of the world,” said task force leader Arie Havelaar from the University of Florida. ...

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In the long run eating French fries may put your health at risk


French fry lovers, beware! A chemical in your favourite snacks – more commonly associated with heavy industry than crispy fried potatoes – may put you at severe health risk in the long run. French fries contain acrylamide, a chemical that poses a risk for several types of cancer in rodents. The International Agency for Research on Cancer considers the chemical ...

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Foodie Trail-Srinagar: Come winter and Kashmiris return to traditional cuisine


Despite changes brought in by middle-class affluence in Kashmir, modular kitchens, microwave ovens, frozen foods and hi-end eateries become redundant in the winter months and nudge the locals back to what was handed down to them by forefathers as heritage – the traditional winter cuisine. Doctors and dietitians might cry hoarse about the ‘harmful effects’ of dried vegetables, dried and ...

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How you judge a pricey pizza of a restaurant meal


While it is known that price, not just taste, can impact our evaluation of a restaurant meal, researchers have now discovered which part of the meal matters the most in judging quality of a pricey food. How much you like a platter that you consider to be expensive depends on your experience of the first food that you eat, the ...

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