Jewels for summer weddings

Actor Gauhar Khan walks on the ramp showcase the jewellery by Indian Institute of Gems and Jewellery (IIGJ) during the India International Jewellery Week (IIJW) in Mumbai, on July 14, 2014. (Photo: IANS)

Ditch chunky neck jewellery in the scorching heat. Go for pearl strings or delicate multi-layer pieces when you attend a summer wedding. Manju Kothari (Creative Director at Entice Jewellery), Rajesh Tulsiani (Director at Dwarkadas Chandumal Jewellers) and Chitwn D Malhotra (lead designer and founder Dillano Luxurious Jewels Pvt Ltd) have tips on jewellery trends that could be followed: * Pearls ...

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Tips to pick your bridal jewellery


Bridal jewellery is a once in a lifetime investment for every woman, and so it needs to be chosen carefully. Pieces that can be worn in multiple ways are high on trend, says an expert. Manju Kothari, Creative Director, fine jewellery retail brand Entice, tells you which jewellery to pick for a winter wedding: * Choice of wearing two medium-sized ...

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Gained more weight after dieting? Blame gut bacteria

Expert yoga pose

In a study that could lead to development of new treatment for “recurrent” or “yo-yo” obesity, researchers have found that intestinal microbes — collectively termed the gut microbiome — play an important role in post-dieting weight gain. Following a successful diet, many people are dismayed to find their weight rebounding. Worse still, the vast majority of recurrently obese individuals not ...

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Go organic for skincare this winter


Pamper your skin with the goodness of an organic beauty and skincare regime this winter, says an expert. Garima Singh, Research and Development Manager, Organic Harvest, has shared some tips to fight against winter woes. * For oily skin: If all you can see is dull and oily skin staring back at you from the mirror then scan for additives ...

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Suffered acne?


Suffering from those itchy red pimples? Take heart, as your skin may age more slowly than those with no history of acne, a study has found. Signs of ageing such as wrinkles and skin thinning often appear much later in people who have experienced acne in their lifetime. It has been suggested that this is due to increased oil production ...

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How attractive you look depends on your company


Your beauty may depend on the person who is standing next to you and how good he or she is looking in comparison, researchers say. The study showed that a person can be ranked higher on a scale of attractiveness only when he or she is compared alongside a less attractive person, and not when being judged alone. The company ...

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Modern-day jewellery trends


There is a subtle change in the jewellery trends that are fast catching up. People now see jewellery as an expression of their status, confidence and individualism, says an expert. Pushkar Jain, Chief Marketing Officer,, lists some trends that are in vogue. * Ideological shift: Occasion based buying is a bygone trend. Women buy when they want to and ...

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Beauty myths and blunders


There are some misconceptions and mistaken ideas about beauty care. Since wrong beauty habits and ideas are not clarified, people continue to make some common beauty mistakes. Here are some common beauty blunders that need to be clarified. Washing the face with soap and water is a good cleansing method: No. Actually, soap does not remove the make-up, dirt and ...

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Tips to care of your footwear


If you want to ensure longevity of your favourite footwear, make sure you store them right and use the best ways to keep them clean, suggests an expert. Danish Bajaj, Fashion Consultant at ladies footwear brand La Briza, has shared a few tips: * Regular dusting: Always brush or clean your shoes before putting them in to the shoe rack. ...

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Genes influence how you feel about your weight


Do you feel overweight even if you are actually not? If yes, you may have your genes inherited from parents to blame, suggests new research. Genes contribute to self-perceived weight status among young adults, especially among women, the findings showed. “This study is the first to show that genes may influence how people feel about their weight,” said lead study ...

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