Some people can’t recognise faces


The causes of congenital face blindness can be traced back to an early stage in the perceptual process, new findings reveal. People with congenital prosopagnosia, or face blindness, are unable to use facial features to identify the person in front of them. Until now, the cause of facial blindness was assumed to be associated with the later stages of the ...

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study: ‘Medieval Warm Period’ was not global

Globe 4650x2847 mit Graphen und Linien JPEG

Contrary to popular perception, the so-called Medieval Warm Period, when Europe enjoyed exceptionally mild weather, did not necessarily extend to other parts of the world, says a study. “It is becoming clearer that the Medieval Warm Period was patchy, not global,” said lead study author Nicolas Young, glacial geologist at Columbia University in the US. “The concept is Eurocentric” – ...

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NASA’s new Horizons returns Pluto’s sharpest images ever

This highest-resolution image from NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft shows great blocks of Pluto’s water-ice crust

NASAÂ’s New Horizons spacecraft has returned the sharpest images ever of cratered, mountainous and glacial terrains on Pluto and the best close-ups of the mysterious system that humans may see for decades. These latest pictures are part of a sequence taken near New HorizonsÂ’ closest approach to Pluto, with resolutions of about 250-280 feet per pixel – revealing features less ...

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The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology journal: Global diet is getting sweeter in developing countries


The global diet is getting sweeter particularly when it comes to beverages, says an international team of researchers, warning that added sugars of all kinds are increasing rapidly in the diets of people living in developing countries. On the contrary, many high-income countries despite being among the highest sugar consumers are beginning to see a slight decline in sugar consumption. ...

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Motivational Feature: This American ‘guru’ David Allen makes you get things done

David Allen, Productivity Guru and Founder of GTD

American productivity guru and acclaimed author of “Getting Things Done”, David Allen has forayed into India to train individuals and executives on the art of leading a stress-free productive life. “Getting Things Done (GTD) is a methodology for stress-free performance and a complete work-life management system for anyone in any occupation to become more productive, efficient and successful without stress ...

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Javed Akhtar: India will always remain a ‘tolerant’ nation


India will always remain a tolerant nation, veteran writer Javed Akhtar has said. “There are certain instances of intolerance in some sections of the society. But India will always remain a tolerant society. “You can not term the entire nation intolerant,” Akhtar said on the sidelines of the Royal Stag Barrel Select Perfect Strokes Season 2 in Pune on Friday. ...

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