Brad Pitt & George Clooney ‘competitive’ with each other in terms of work

140430799rm096-the-americanBrad Pitt says he and actor George Clooney tend to get competitive with each other in terms of work.

With both actors having their own production houses, Pitt says that both often find themselves bidding against each other on books they want to adapt into movies, including Pitt’s latest project “The Big Short”, reports

“In all fairness, he (Clooney) outbid me on ‘Argo’. But, yeah, it can get competitive. We do naturally have a lot of the same tastes and interests. With ‘The Big Short’, I think maybe we got the upper hand at auction because author Michael Lewis and I got tight on ‘Moneyball’”, the Vulture magazine quoted Pitt as saying.

Pitt also revealed that he often has to take on a role in movies he produces in order to get them financed.

“These kinds of movies are hard to make. The studios don’t want to make them because it doesn’t fit the business model anymore. It’s complicated material, it’s a gamble. They need some guarantee with marquee. So often I jump in and take a part first because I love the project, and I gotta get in to make sure it gets made,” he added.

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