Ben and Julianna Zobrist welcome daughter a ‘Royal’ name BLAISE ROYAL ZOBRIST

CTIyPRPVAAAfXcdAs things turned out, Kansas City Royals star Ben Zobrist and his wife, recording artist Julianna Zobrist, could not have written a better script to their week.
As you may recall, there was some question at this time one week ago about whether Ben Zobrist would be forced into paternity leave with Julianna expecting the couple’s third child. The Zobrists took to squashing those concerns on social media, with Julianna confirming Ben would stay with his team until the World Series ended. The Royals then squashed the matter all together, disposing of the Mets on Sunday in Game 5 of the World Series to wrap up the franchise’s first championship since 1985.

With that obstacle not only out of the way, but bringing a happy result to the family, the Zobrists were able to focus on welcoming their third child together. That moment arrived less than 48 hours after a scheduled Game 7 would have taken place at Kauffman Stadium, as the couple welcomed a new daughter.


Needless to say, the past few months have been a whirlwind for the Zobrist family, though this past week was certainly a fitting conclusion to it all. After being traded to the Oakland A’s in the offseason, Ben was then traded to the Kansas City Royals on July 28. That’s a definite change after nine years of stability with the Tampa Bay Rays. But the Zobrists went with the flow, and in the end everything came up roses with the Royals, so it should come as no big surprise that the baby was given a Royal middle name.

“What do you name a little girl that so politely waited for the World Series to be won by her daddy?” Julianna posted on her Facebook account. “Then so sweetly thanked 800,000 fans at a parade, and the next day hung on while her family packed up and moved back home to Nashville? And then, in a brilliant finish, came to meet the world and say hello the day her mommy’s new single “Alive” is released? You call her a miracle. Or, we call her BLAISE ROYAL ZOBRIST.”

Indeed, she has impeccable timing.

She comes into a world where the Royals are the kings of baseball, something that seemed so far away at times during their three-decade drought. And she also comes into a world where the New York Mets were the National League’s best and the Chicago Cubs are next year’s favorite to win the World Series. Two other scenarios we would have struggled to envision five years ago.

She doesn’t know any better now, and she won’t understand the meaning of that for awhile. For the rest of us, she enters a world we thought would never exist, but that’s why we love the gift of life and love the game of baseball.

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