‘American Hustle’ director David O. Russell reacts to Jennifer Lawrence ‘s wage gap essay in Hollywood

David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence
David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence

“American Hustle” director David O. Russell has weighed in on actress Jennifer Lawrence’s essay about gender-based wage gap in Hollywood.

“I always support all my actors and all their opinions, and I want them all to get what they need,” he told The hollywoodreporter.com.

He said this at a fundraiser dinner for The Glenholme School held at NYC’s Bryant Park Grillon on Wednesday.

However, the 40-year-old director said that he did not usually talk about financial matters.

“I don’t really talk about the minutia of what goes on in my movies, but I believe the spirit of what Jennifer is saying is truthful to her heart. I support her and all women in that,” he said.

Russell added that it would be difficult to negotiate salaries in a movie starring a lot of renowned actors and actresses.

“I understand what she’s saying, and I think people in the business do too, and I also understand people saying, ‘Well, let’s talk about the minutia of the deal.’ It’s hard to make a movie come together with a lot of big stars,” he explained. ” ‘American Hustle’ had a lot of big stars in it. We all contributed to help make it happen.”

“But I also respect that Jennifer is finding her voice, and I think it’s in service of something very important,” Russell, who has worked with the actress in “Silver Linings Playbook”, “American Hustle” and the upcoming film “Joy”, added.

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