Adele on three years break: Taking a break was weird

12238112_10153507991844279_4832336565889578901_o 10007241_10153475736234279_390649493384099192_oOscar-winning singer Adele has acknowledged it was “weird” taking a break from music but admitted it was her three-year-old son Angelo who gave her the motivation to return.

The 27-year-old superstar will release her third album “25” on November 20 but has acknowledged it was an odd decision to wait more than four years before releasing the collection, even though she believes it was the “right thing” to do, reports

She said: “I know some people thought I was mad for taking a break. Even I can see it was a bit weird. But I’m glad it happened. I think it was the right thing. It slowed everything down.”

The “Hello” singer sold more than 30 million copies of her 2011 album ’21’ and while the pressure of creating a follow-up proved to be difficult, it was her three-year-old son Angelo, who she had with her partner Simon Konecki, who encouraged her to make a comeback.

Asked about her motivation to return, she explained to The Observer Music magazine: “Um. My son. I felt so mega having given birth; the confidence from that, I felt unstoppable. I’m sure most women feel that … Towards the end of the ’21’ stuff, I couldn’t remember why I was doing it any more…,”

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